So far, I have tried to keep my medium posts talking about technical things. However, now I wanted to write about how come I chose SRE as my profession. What this job gives to me. What I mean when I say it is not my job, it’s my profession.


About missing roadmap and missing priorities

Every once in a while I am part of a team where there is a quite weird culture and there are too many steps in the leather, so I can’t attend several planning meetings regardless I am the person who tries to design the infrastructure.

It’s also a pain when…

I was a lifehacker since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I always wanted to automate things in my life, so I decided to learn IT. I thought some of my routine work took too much time and I always asked myself why there is no machine for those things…

Alexa Vass

I am a girl in IT who talks about experiences and loves to learn new things every time, because IT is not my job, it’s my profession.

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