• Busra Koken

    Busra Koken

    Passionate SRE with obsessions about DevOps engineering culture, automation, documentation, diversity and mental health.

  • DCC India

    DCC India

    DCC Infra Pvt Ltd. initiative west Recycle is the largest waste management solution in India.

  • Eeva Metssalu

    Eeva Metssalu

    Honest writings about Growing Up. Sharing my non-standard life stories, opinions and experiences in the hopes that you’ll find some of it relatable.

  • Steven Popovich

    Steven Popovich

    Software Engineer | Full-stack | GameChanger | DICK’s Sporting Goods | Trying my best

  • JL Matthews

    JL Matthews

    Medium Top 1,000 Writer | Become a Member and gain access to all my posts: https://jlmatthews.medium.com/membership | JLMatthewsWrites@gmail.com

  • Rioleau Curleyci

    Rioleau Curleyci

  • Erica Spelman

    Erica Spelman

    Word Herder, Righter of Grammar Wrongs. I like to write about pop culture, mythology, and finding meaning in unlikely places.

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