Alexa Vass

Aug 28, 2020

3 min read

How to keep in touch while working remotely

A bunch of colleagues told me the remote work is not working at all. I told them “You know what? You don’t even try!” After this conversation I realized there are lots of companies who are permanently remote and I tried to figure out how to make the home office easier to deal with, because in my opinion communication can be a thing which makes things much easier and I think these people who feel uncomfortable at home office seek connection with others. So here are some tips to make these times much painless.

Be transparent

If you work remotely, you are not sitting next to each other. You don’t see the other person all day. There are days when you meet them just for a small stand up. So you have to be transparent and you need to be more exact about your work and more detailed.

Be honest

If there was a problem last day, like kids haven’t let you work or you felt yourself sick, don’t hesitate to say it. People’s performance can’t always be at its peak.

Be assertive

Most people say that they can’t communicate assertively because they don’t have to think about what they would say. With distance you won something, and this is more time to react. With time you get a chance to think twice about your acts. So you can think about how you tell others if you have a problem or if they made something good. It’s not just easy to communicate things this way, but it’s more painless for others to get bad news.

Give positive feedback more often than usual

While people are far away from each other, they can’t see immediate reactions, sometimes reactions in general, which is kind of disappointing. If people get the usual feedback it motivates them.


Also talk to people privately. Give them feedback in general, not just connecting to their work. Let them know, how you feel about their communication, how do you feel about the presence of them in the team. And also don’t forget to thank them for their help.

Chit chat, coffee break

Moreover don’t forget to keep the team together. It can be just a little chit chat, a break, something in between two meetings or after lunch while sipping your coffee. Talk about general things, not connected to work, or if you want to ask something professional, feel free to ask anything. These chats can be the most informative sometimes, and it can be like a corridor conversation.

As a person who works in IT, but also deals a lot with people, I think these few pieces of advice can help you all to make this tough period more manageable for those people who like to work from the office and miss their colleagues.