“I’m not a sysadmin, you are a sysadmin!”


I don’t deal with bare metal, I don’t even deal with machines except if something needs to be debugged. I get alerts when something is wrong, but I rarely touch the infra or the software, because it’s a generally bad practice. Every change needs to be implemented somewhere in a git repo. And we rely on tools and services that make our life easier. So shared responsibilities are a big deal in this case.


Our goal is to make a self-healing system and automate things as much as possible in a transparent way by following coding guidelines so we ease our teammates’ life. We develop monitoring to make our life less shameful and we develop deployment pipelines so we can make developers’ life easier. And we use a massive amount of tools to make things work and also make them faster, reliable, and relatively cheap.



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Alexa Vass

Alexa Vass


I am a girl in IT who talks about experiences and loves to learn new things every time, because IT is not my job, it’s my profession.